Dear Friends

This morning Graham Knowles (President of the Friends/major benefactor of Broadfield and its collections)?)?and I attended a meeting,?in The Council House in Dudley, with several Councillors and Council Officers

I am pleased to be able to say that it was a very positive meeting.? The emphasis was on creating a 'World Class Glass Museum that we will all be proud of.'?

More investigative work is to be carried out before a second stage of a feasibility study can commence.? Another meeting will take place at the beginning of June, when further details will be made available?and we will be?in a position to give a full report.

Thank you to everyone for all?your support.? I know that this has influenced the future outcome of the dilemma facing Dudley Council.?


Barbara P. Beadman - Chairman

Broadfield House Glass Museum (save our glass heritage) video. A short video on Broadfield House featuring Charles Hajdamach, Graham Knowles and Janet Hendry.

If you are unable to view the embeded video below then click on the link to view it on Youtube.

Up until this week there has been frustratingly little concrete to pass on. The council are rigidly sticking to the statement that the museum won?t move until, or unless, a ?suitable? alternative venue can be found/built. Yet at the same time rumours of surveys being conducted on the Broadfield House site, and the adjoining Care Home, with a view to building possibly 50 houses, have surfaced. Freedom of information requests from individuals go unanswered and the best that can be said of the current situation is that there is a pause in the proceedings. Due mostly, it is suspected, to the impending elections.

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