The Festival has been a great success and is not yet over.

The Biennale Gallery is open until 11th September and is well worth a visit.

Broadfield has some excellent new exhibitions, as has the Red House Cone and of course The Stourbridge Gallery at The Dial is open until 30th September - but not on Sunday.

I would like to thank all the Friends who have made this such a successful event, yet again.? I will probably miss out out some activities but help has been available for the Familiarisation Tour, the tea and biscuits afterwards; the Master Class evening event; Nick Baker - Historian and Friend organised, assisted and delivered walks and talks throughout the Festival with Friends participating - John Sanders gave a talk (we have already agreed that the two talks should be given again in the Spring).? Friends made tea, served cakes, bought art works,?acted as dogs-bodies and generally made sure that a good time was had by all.? Once again, Thank you, on behalf of the general public and the organisations involved.

Barbara Beadman - Chairman


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