Trial test blanks for the Portland Vase. The right hand trial has been cut in half to show the white casing.Trial test blanks for the Portland Vase. The right hand trial has been cut in half to show the white casing.Here we go.......

The batch has now been mixed, Merlyn will be connecting his furnace up on Wednesday for the opal.

The shirts have been delivered (Please collect from Terri) and the bread ordered for the bacon sandwiches!! Sandra has very kindly offered to act as refreshment co-ordinator for the morning.

I thought it might be useful if I publish a schedule -

Wednesday 21/9 Merlyn installing his furnace

Friday 23/9 The blue batch will be filled

Saturday 24/9


8:00 Breakfast meeting in Cafe

8.30 Video cameraman arrives

9:00 Interview recording Graham Fisher and harles Hajdamach (Studio 1)

9.30 Interview recording Graham Fisher and Will Farmer (to be confirmed)

10:00 Interview - Graham Fisher and John Northwood 3rd

10.30 Video recording Children from St James' School.

Press Call. Ian Dury and John Northwood, Terri

Colledge and Richard Golding - Express and Star,

Stourbridge News and Birmingham Post and Mail.


7.30 Ruby Restaurant.

Just a few points, if you have small children that you may wish to have included in the Video please could you have them here for around 10.30am.

Saturday night, Richard, Terri and myself, along with our Partners, are having a meal at The Ruby. Anyone wishing to join us could they please let me know a.s.a.p. in order to book.

David Whitehouse from the Corning Museum and Dr Paul Roberts from the British Museum have both requested copies of the video.

On the day Richard is hoping to make two flat bottomed vases and two amphora shaped vases and if there is enough time and glass he will also attempt to make the Auldjo Jug.  Keith Brocklehurst will use the remaining batch for the college project on Sunday.

At this point I would like to thank everyone for their help and support.  I have said it on many occasions recently, this is a team effort and let's hope that everything goes to plan and is something we can in future all be proud to be associated with.

Ian Dury.