A super presentation by Nick Baker and very hard to put into a few words without the slides or to do justice to the extensive content.

The 3 Unions were the Flint Glassmakers Friendly Society; The American Trade Unions and The Union of the USA. The time was before The Great War, The Russian Revolution - it was the summer of the Empire - The Edwardian Era

The problems could have been at any time - undercutting; innovation; restrictions on apprenticeships; people living in fear of the workhouse; no pensions; skills leaving the country; double-crossing diplomats; intrigue; intellectual property theft and murder!

However, this was the tale of the upskilling of the American Glass Industry and how it came about. It included the circuitous entry into America via Canada and a swift journey to Ellis Island only to be sent packing whilst unskilled workers were being welcomed.

We heard about the war of attrition between Manufacturers and Unions. - On March 24th 1902 Thomas Webb sacked everyone and put an advertisement out for new staff.

On this evening we had two family members  present. John Sanders - Grandson of John Henry Husselbee (1849 - 1931) General Secretary of National Flintmakers Union

and David Williams-Thomas, Grandson of the famous Stevens & Williams/ Royal Brierley Crystal company who visited, when he was 18, the 'poached' employee Frederick Carder. Their recall and discussion of events certainly added to our Facets presentation.

Finally, there were maritime references to the family Crippen - I think this calls for another presentation.