The site itself will, in future, be primarily be focussed on the friends activities and our campaigning will come under the umbrella organisation mentioned in the museum update. This is not because the Friends will be any less involved but so that greatest effect can be gained from combining all interested parties contributions with the new organisation devoted to the museum campaign. The site will of course keep Friends updated on new information but this will be done by linking to the new organisation?s web site.

Sections of the new site will become available over the next few weeks. This will include a much better events listing and a members only area.

One major project that is now well under way is the digitisation of the Friends Cameos. These have now been scanned, some 400 pages in total, and are now being converted to PDF documents. As they are done they will be added to the Friends member area. Friends will be sent information in due course on how to get their accounts activated so they can view the Cameo archive.

Two other projects are also under way. The first is to document all the glass blowers who have worked at Broadfield House. We will start with the present resident, Alastair Malcolm, and add the previous artists over the coming months. This will form a living archive documenting the current glass history that the museum has helped to create. The second project is to document and detail the pieces that the Friends have purchased for the museum.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped to improve the site and made suggestions on expanding its content.