The vase first came to light during a recording of the BBC Antiques Roadshow programme from Somerleyton Hall, Suffolk, in September 2009. It was brought along to the programme by a gentleman from Norwich and examined by one of the show's regular glass experts, Andy McConnell. Andy instantly recognised it as very fine example of late Victorian enamelled glass from the Stourbridge area. This came as something of a surprise to the owner who did not think much of the piece and had not realised that it was made of glass! He had also been using the vase for flowers and the inside was badly stained.

Andy first of all managed to persuade the owner to have the vase restored. He then suggested that if the owner did not want to keep the vase, he might consider donating or selling it to Broadfield House Glass Museum. Negotiations then began between the owner and the Museum. At one point it looked as though these were going to fall through and that the vase would end up in a Bonham's auction, but at the beginning of March 2010 a price was agreed and on Sunday 7th March the episode of the Antiques Roadshow featuring the vase was broadcast on BBC1.

The Museum offers an enormous thanks to Andy McConnell for the part he played in securing the vase for the Museum, and thanks are also due to the owner, who was willing to accept an offer below the vase's full market value. The purchase was funded by donations from museum visitors.

Somerleyton Hall Enamelled Vase - View 1
Somerleyton Hall Enamelled Vase - View 2